Hello again! Spring is on its way, hoorah! Bringing with it beautiful drifts of snowdrops to the peaceful garden at Nightingale Care Home. But who is this lady (or gentleman?) surveying the landscape from an elevated position? I am often asked this question when I show people around the home, but I haven’t yet found out.

If you know if the figure-or what she’s standing on has any significance, please let me know!

As you can see, some of our lovely residents have been busy making decorations for activities at norfolk care homesValentine’s Day, and with the help of our Activities team, they created an eye catching display for the party on Sunday. We were entertained by Vicky, our regular artiste who loves to get a rousing singalong going. As usual our partygoers loved her – thank you Vicky! And the party was made possible because of generous donations, as mentioned in my first blog…thank you again!

Now it’s time to meet some more of The Nightingales!

This week I shone my virtual spotlight on 2 more of the team:
This is Emily. She joined us in 2012 when she was just 17. Her role as part time Laundry Assistant allowed her to concentrate on her college course, studying Performing Music. However, by the time she was 18, she’d realised how much she enjoyed being with the residents, and so moved from the laundry to become a Care Assistant. She told me that one of her favourite things to do is help the people in her care to look their best at the start of the day and make them feel special and happy. Emily has a cheerful nature, often to be heard singing along the corridors. In fact, she even joins her sister Vicky on the microphone for a song or two at our events. Having completed her NVQ Level 2 in Health and Social Care last year, she would like to become a Senior Carer when she’s 21. This year she intends to enrol on the NVQ Level 3, and one day she’d like to start Nursing. Well done on achieving your Level 2 qualification, Emily!

Meet Marion. She has been hairdressing since she was 16 and we have been privileged to have her as our own hairdresser for 7 years , coming here every Tuesday. Today Marion told me “I love meeting new people and getting to know the residents at the home. They come into my salon and we have a chat together while I transform their hair. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the end result, and making them feel pampered and special. I wouldn’t change my career for the world.”

The salon has recently been revamped, with relaxing purples, so the pampering experience is now even nicer!

Bye for now!