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Nightingale Care Home receives “GOOD” in all areas

CQC latest inspection at Nightingale Care Home receives a “Good” in all areas!

The team at our Nightingale Care Home in Welborne, Norfolk have welcomed a “good” in all areas Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection rating.

Angela Newsome  manager of the care home near Norwich  says “We are delighted with the report.  As a team, we share a passion for good care and I am delighted that this has been recognised by the inspector.”

The inspector notes that people were  treated with dignity and respect by the staff members. They developed good relationships with people living at the home, which ensured people received the care they wanted in the way they preferred.
 One visitor at Nightingale said staff were, “Really lovely, very kind.” Another visitor told us, “Best staff ever, really marvellous, couldn’t find better.”  We spent time watching how staff interacted with people and found that they were kind, gentle and considerate towards people. They spoke to them with affection and respect.
They also noted that staff were caring, kind, respectful and courteous. “Staff members knew people well, what they liked and how they wanted to be treated. They responded to people’s needs well and support was always available. Care plans contained enough information to support individual people with their needs. People were happy living at the home and staff supported them to be as independent as possible.”
To view the report, visit http://www.cqc.org.uk/sites/default/files/new_reports/INS2-2663197874.pdf
Angela has also praised the team at Nightingale for their excellent support and dedication. “Some staff have been here several years and training sessions are well attended, and this wealth of knowledge, experience and overall culture of care was reflected in the CQC report”. Angela is also proud that Nightingale has a team of activity co-ordinators working 7 days a week, providing stimulation for our residents, either one to one or as group activities, which is essential for well-being.
For more information please call Nightingale Care Home Team on 01362 850329

Spotlight on Our Norfolk Care Home Nightingales

Nightingale care home in Norfolk

Meet the Nightingales


I thought you may like to meet the team here at Nightingale Care Home, so this week I will introduce you to Steve and Lorna.

Steve is a Care Assistant, but for 10 years he was on the road as a lorry driver!  In 2011 he decided to make a lifestyle change and moved to Norfolk with his Mother.  Sadly she became ill with Cancer, and seeing the care that she needed, he felt compelled to follow a new career path in care.  Steve joined us as a Care Assistant in 2013 and has attended mandatory training, studied The Principles of Dementia and Steve AT Walsham Grange care home in norfolk more recently completed his NVQ Level 2 in Health and Social Care.

Well done Steve!          

Today Steve told me “I absolutely love the job!  These people need our help and our care, and I love the satisfaction I get by giving that to them.  I’m passionate about preserving their dignity, wellbeing and making them feel wanted.  Sometimes a resident gives me a smile of acknowledgement, and this makes my day.”



Lorna is our Laundry Assistant who also joined us in 2013, when she was just 18. (I confess this makes me chuckle a little – Lorna of the Laundry I find very satisfying!)  At the time Lorna was studying at college, so she took on the role as a Bank member of staff (as needed), and went on to achieve Levels 2 and 3 qualifications in Public Services.  Her ambition is to work in the Police Force and she Lorna at Walsham Grange cARE hOME IN noRFOLKhad been told that she should work on developing her confidence and experience of working with people.

Lorna soon became a permanent member of the team at Nightingale Care Home, and her confidence has certainly grown!  She takes great pride in her work, and particularly enjoys organising the residents’ freshly laundered clothes neatly in their wardrobes.  Sometimes the ladies like to help Lorna fold the clothes, and she encourages them to join her in a friendly chat while they work together.

This week we have had the “official” photographer here, so watch out for a glimpse into life here in the near future.  I look forward to putting my spotlight on a few more of the team for you to meet next time, but for now That’s all, folks!

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